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Whitepapers: Netsuite

Managing Growth: A review of the global software & IT services industry

The global recession has affected the way all businesses operate, regardless of sector, but the underlying shift has seen a refocusing of priorities to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The software and IT services sector is ideally placed to take advantage of this change through innovation in

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Running a Business in the Cloud: A CFO’s/CIO’s Journey

The 2000s were a decade of tech evolution, particularly for the cloud. The adoption of the consumer/social cloud had begun, and when broadband became the norm in the middle of the decade, the sky was the limit. With the advent of the consumer/social cloud, momentum was building

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Why Cloud Computing Matters to Finance

About two-thirds of mid-sized businesses are running old versions of their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system—in some cases, it’s software that’s three or more versions old. This is the legacy of decades of on-premise (in-house) software deployments, incremental releases that never seemed worth the pain of a

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