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Forecast: Partly Cloudy

In the business world today, cloud is the buzz word, cloud is the future – it’s here now, and before long it’s going to be where all data is stored, and where all business applications are hosted. But is that the reality? If you’re looking at a significant computing upgrade, should the cloud be your first option? Will a wholly cloud-based system suit your needs?

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Manage By Project with Project-Based Solutions

The principles behind project-based business practices are now being embraced and applied to businesses ranging from manufacturing to services. This whitepaper discusses the megatrends driving this change, what it means for industrial companies, and how Project-Based Solutions (PBS), a new type of ERP, can allow executives to intelligently navigate these uncertain waters.

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Managing Growth: A review of the global software & IT services industry

The global recession has affected the way all businesses operate, regardless of sector, but the underlying shift has seen a refocusing of priorities to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The software and IT services sector is ideally placed to take advantage of this change through innovation in

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The Hidden Profit Report for Sales and Service

Discover 7 better ways to improve productivity and get better results faster in your Sales and Service business. This 12 Page Hidden Profit Report will assist you to uncover hidden profits in your business. Sometimes all you need is one good idea to improve your business results. By

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