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Whitepapers: Netsuite

Eight ways outdated ERP damages your business

The business world is changing faster than ever—it’s more mobile, connected, distributed and focused on the bottom line. In this white paper, get the facts on how old ERP is holding your business back and how the cloud can help.

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What’s Next for ERP?

‘Soviet era software’ is a phrase that neatly sums up all that’s wrong with that generation of business systems, originally designed in the twilight years of the Cold War era, that still permeates the enterprise landscape today. Centrally controlled, oppressive for users, and inflexibly operated to a

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The Rise of Two-Tier ERP: What it is and what it means

A new trend is evolving in enterprise resource planning (ERP). It’s the concept of two-tier ERP, and it has become a growing area of discussion in corporate finance and information technology (IT) departments. Done well, it promises to finally attain the global visibility, standardization, and efficiency we

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