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How E2 Helps Provide Instant Answers to Hollywood Producers

For many job shops and fabricators, time is of the essence. But there’s nothing quite like working with the entertainment industry to really understand how much a system like E2 can both catapult your business and keep you sane within a time of massive growth.

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Gartner to CIOs: Quarantine your cash flow

As the economy buckles under Covid-19, Gartner advises cutting all non-critical tech… What a difference a global pandemic makes: With Covid-19 quarantine measures undermining industries, economies and IT departments everywhere, Gartner is advising CIOs to put a match to all unnecessary costs – including IT. The research

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No cloud is created equal

Report highlights notable performance variations between public cloud providers… When it comes to choosing your public cloud provider, there’s a lot to consider, from the services offered and pricing tiers to global data centre presence. But one metric that has been hard to gauge, has been the

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