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Revenue-generation now key CIO skill

From tech leader with business experience to business leader with tech skills… If you’re feeling as though your tech role is rapidly changing and expanding far beyond the traditional realms, you’re not on your own. Covid has pushed CIOs to the front of organisational change and it’s

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Composing a modern ERP strategy

Digitisation need not be at the expense of legacy… Composable ERP strategies are coming to the fore as companies look to modernise legacy applications, but a lack of integration capabilities is proving a big stumbling block. While digitisation is the name of the game for most companies,

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Entrepreneur – and Netsuite – confidence high

A look behind the figures, and at Netsuite’s A/NZ plans… Australian and Kiwi entrepreneurs have emerged from Covid-19 feeling buoyant and confident about their next stage of growth. That’s according to a Frost & Sullivan study for Oracle NetSuite which says 83 percent of Australian and 75

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Eftpos goes QR with new payment network

Covid check-ins give QR shot in arm… QR codes have become familiar at the doors to retailers and other premises – now they’re about to hit eftpos payments both instore and online. Eftpos is hoping to capitalise on Australians increased familiarity with QR codes, courtesy of Covid-19

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ERP market gets cloudier

Covid-19 has created a clash of market drivers. Which will out?… Market predictions in any vertical are tricky at the best of times, and the ERP market is no exception. This year, Covid-19 brings an overdose of risk and uncertainty as the pandemic’s tumultuous impacts roll out

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