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Spreadsheet anathema behind planning software unicorn

Billion-dollar Excel buster steps up APAC activity… Spreadsheets are ubiquitous in business, but while flexible and astoundingly capable, they are also often an indicator of a breakdown in process or software capability. It’s something we at iStart routinely encounter when discussing ERP upgrades or implementations: the spreadsheet is the

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Everybody loves the cloud

Turns out we’re just not very good at using it… As enthusiasm for the cloud overtakes competence, decision makers and IT departments alike are starting to feel the burden. Businesses big and small have embraced the cloud as the magic bullet to drive down costs, increase security,

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‘This is a terrible time to buy ERP’

Hold on to those purse strings, says ERP expert… How does this grab you: a major consulting firm which makes a living implementing ERP solutions reckons this just isn’t a good time to be busting out budget for new deployments. In a recent blog, Eric Kimberling, lead consultant

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