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website upgrade

Shiny new things

Today we updated the Software Shortlist home page to better reflect who we are and what we do. Our business has evolved significantly in the past few years, and the new design now places much more emphasis on our primary offering, the free Get A Shortlist service

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ERP Shortlist launch

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new section on our website called ERP Shortlist that is dedicated to providing buyers with valuable insights and information for their ERP selection process. This includes reviews, whitepapers, case studies, articles and downloadable resources — all available for free access to serious ERP buyers.

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How to get free information on software selection

After helping over 28,000 firms so far, Software Shortlist is making some small but important changes to its business model. Here’s how you can now get free access to our unique and valuable content on software selection…

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Fresh interface + more software comparisons

Today we put through a series of major upgrades to Software Shortlist. Plenty has been happening behind the scenes here, so it’s great to finally put this on public display. Thanks to everyone who’s given feedback – we hope you like what you see. First and foremost,

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