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Fresh interface + more software comparisons

Today we put through a series of major upgrades to Software Shortlist. Plenty has been happening behind the scenes here, so it’s great to finally put this on public display. Thanks to everyone who’s given feedback – we hope you like what you see.

First and foremost, we’ve given the home page a fresh new look and streamlined the interface for starting a software search. Say goodbye to stock images, general clutter, and complex drop-downs. Say hello to a simple, scrolling interface, customer testimonials, and a screenshot of the software comparisons.  We believe this new homepage is easier to use and conveys more clearly what we do.

Across the site, you’ll notice a nice clean header and a new look for the landing pages and directories. The footer has been tidied up, including a quick sign-up form for our newsletter. Speaking of which, you can expect the next edition of The Shortlist to hit your inbox in the next week or so.

And last but certainly not least, we’ve expanded our coverage across more software types. If you’re looking for email marketing software or online database software, then our online recommendations and convenient side-by-side comparisons are just what the doctor ordered.  Stay tuned for more news soon about our reviews.

There’s lots more on our to-do list – but in the meantime, let us know what you think of these changes.