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Review: Billing your time and expenses with Bill4Time

Review of Bill4Time By Moriya Beck Bill4Time is an online solution that helps professional service firms run their business more effectively by combining time & expense tracking invoicing & payments, client & project management, and accounting capabilities in a single, easy to use system. Although intended for

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CRM software reviews

We’re pleased to announce that Software Shortlist has just published all 15 CRM reviews recently conducted by its independent expert. If you’re in the market for a CRM solution, these reviews are a great place to start.The reviews span a wide range of CRM systems: well-known enterprise

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Weekly Timesheets: The Preferred Way to Enter Time

Software Shortlist recently published a list of 13 features that its search data suggested were the top “must-haves” for prospective timesheet buyers. Today, we take a detailed look at the #1 most requested timesheet feature – using a weekly view to enter time.

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Small business email marketing on the rise

Email marketing usage by SMBs Some recent research on the marketing practices of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) indicates that email marketing is one of the top 3 marketing tactics they employ, and is set to grow strongly in 2011. Of the 751 respondents to the survey

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How to get free information on software selection

After helping over 28,000 firms so far, Software Shortlist is making some small but important changes to its business model. Here’s how you can now get free access to our unique and valuable content on software selection…

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Give input on our LMS review list

We’re in the early stages of our review process for Learning Management Systems (LMS) … so here’s your chance to give input on which solutions are reviewed. We’ve got a long list of ~70 solutions identified (see our LMS Directory)  but from a practical perspective we can

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POLL: How important is independent information in choosing software?

It’s time for a quick user poll: we’d like to hear the extent to which independent information plays an important role in your decision process when choosing software. For the sake of clarity, by independent information we mean that it is not from the vendor or reseller

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How we create independent software reviews

If you’re looking at buying small business software, chances are you’ve come across various software reviews on the web.  But can you trust them? As you’ve probably realized, not all reviews are created equal… A few key questions to consider when looking at software reviews are: Is

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Run your company accounts online or offline? The industry is changing…

According to Gartner research, software as a service (SaaS) revenue is forecast to grow consistently through to 2013 with worldwide SaaS revenue reaching over $14 billion for the enterprise applications market. This is a growth rate of close to 18% year-on-year, from a 2008 revenue of less

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