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The Enterprise Cloud Buyer’s Bill of Rights: SaaS Applications

The majority of enterprise software is now consumed via SaaS or cloud deployments. Despite a perception of simplicity in software acquisition, many cloud contracts require all the rigour and due diligence of contracts for on-premises licensed software.

Client–vendor relationships in the cloud are seemingly perpetual. When converting from an on-premises arrangement, it is imperative that these agreements provide a chance for a new slate. Thus, chief information officers (CIOs), chief marketing officers (CMOs), line-of-business (LOB) executives, procurement managers and other organisational leaders should ensure that the mistakes they made with on-premises licensed software aren’t blindly carried over.

This Enterprise Cloud Buyer’s Bill of Rights provides a tool for clients and vendors to change the tenor of contract negotiations from user subservience to an equal and collaborative long-term partnership.

To find out more, download this whitepaper from NetSuite.

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