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IFS Applications

IFS Applications is a single, integrated product supporting the management of four core processes: Service and Asset, Manufacturing, Projects, and Supply Chain. Combined with our deep industry knowledge and software for critical business processes such as Financials and HR, it is a complete ERP solution for all business needs.

Who uses IFS Applications?

The company has 2,000 customers and is present in more than 60 countries. Industries that we focus on includes Mining & Resources, Oil & Gas, Construction & Engineering, Utilities, High Tech, Manufacturing, Pulp & Paper, Service & Facilities Management, Aerospace & Defence.

Some of IFS Customers in Australia and New Zealand include AB Equipment, Alliance Contracting, Atherton & Sons, Babcock, Closed Loop, Dairy Australia, EuroLift, Geo Fabrics, Globus Group, Hawker Pacific, Icon Engineering, Lufthansa Technik Qantas, Ngarda, Process Group, Uhde Shedden, and Visy. Global customers include Alliance Contracting, Austal, Babcock, Brightpoint, Brookfield Multiplex, BskyB, DuPont, Ericson, Hertel Services, Icon Engineering, Imerys, Jotun, Ngarda, Process Group, Serimax, Technip, Three Gorges Group, Visy.

What capabilities does IFS Applications offer?

IFS Applications is comprised of 100+ business components, which in turn are made up from 6000+ smaller software components. Each component has a well-defined purpose and interface that describes what the component does. This allows change and evolution within a component without affecting other components. You benefit from this approach by being able to choose only the business components you need. Other components may be added without disrupting the components already in place.

  • Cross-functional components: Powerful tools designed for streamlining, simplifying, and handling critical processes found within most industries and businesses. These processes include business performance, customer relationship management, supply chain management, business modeling, and document, quality, and eco-footprint management.
  • Financial Components: IFS’ financial components give you a comprehensive view of your business from a variety of perspectives. When you spot a trend worth investigating, you can drill in to the appropriate financial transactions and scrutinize them in detail. These components enhance control at all levels of the organization and support regulatory needs around the world.
  • Human Resources Components: These components save time and money by helping you manage your company’s most valuable resources cost-effectively. These components provide fast, accurate analysis, meeting all your company’s key needs for personnel development. They provide essential processes for workforce management and successful strategic human capital management.
  • Engineering Components: Make it easier to specify and configure design elements, products, assemblies and facilities. The components ensure quality by streamlining the administration of all related documentation, including revisions. Everyone in the organization gets the information they need, providing continuously updated data for technical, administrative, and financial decisions. Integration between purchasing, engineering, and manufacturing processes enables a true cross-company picture.
  • Project Components: A completely integrated set of tools to manage the complete project life cycle. Fully integrated with other IFS components such as financials, procurement, inventory, customer orders, manufacturing and more, the solution is used by many types of businesses who use project principles to manage their business.
  • Manufacturing Components: Combine a simple, highly automated flow for taking care of repetitive tasks with advanced management-by-exception functionality to trap and action exceptions. This powerful, multifaceted solution supports planning, execution, control, and analysis in many types of manufacturing, in all phases of the manufacturing process, and for all your employees. It also supports lean principles as well as mixed-mode manufacturing, where different types of processing coexist in the same manufacturing environment system.
  • Supply Chain Components: Distribution components, together with manufacturing, form the basis of the supply chain management solution. These components offer the simplicity you need to better visualize product flows and use the system efficiently, and you can easily adapt to different distribution models and working methods. They give you the agility you need to grow and support change throughout your enterprise and let you take advantage of real-time communication throughout the order-to-delivery chain.
  • Sales & Services Components: Provide business processes vital to customer relationship management (CRM). They manage the customer interaction chain from the sales lead, through the sales cycle, to the ongoing support and service of the customer.
  • Maintenance Components: These are part of a complete enterprise asset management (EAM) system that enables you to anticipate and adapt to the rapidly changing demands of the world around you. The solution contains the comprehensiveness and depth of functionality that you need for day-to-day maintenance requirements as well as continuous development and improvement.
  • Business Enabler Components: Let you create and enhance relationships, taking advantage of the latest web-based technologies. You can give employees, customers, suppliers, and other partners personalized, accurate, real-time information through easy-to-use role-based portals and built-for-purpose mobile solutions. IFS’ business enabler components also provide integration with internal and external systems through web services while ensuring security, performance, and scalability.

Why choose IFS Applications as your ERP?

IFS Applications combines best-of-breed solutions with a complete suite of component-based ERP software. Some compelling reasons to choose IFS Applications as your ERP are:

  • One Product Line: A single powerful project-based ERP solution with tightly integrated project management functionality enabling companies to manage projects and assets, control costs, increase supply chain efficiencies, and measure performance.
  • Use Productivity: IFS Applications provides an attractive, intuitive and efficient user experience, helping you easily find what you need to do your job. So you can spend less time managing your software and more time managing your business. 
  • Component-based SOA: IFS Applications is built using the same principles as successful manufacturers—the production and assembly of components. Thanks to the service-oriented component architecture you can choose only the business components you need and add new ones as you go along.
  • Built for Change: With IFS Applications you stay agile, ready for change and evolution without disrupting the implemented solution. The strategy of building for change includes a number of best practices, including a commitment to standard technologies and well-known products.

About IFS?

IFS is a Swedish public company founded in 1983 that develops, supplies, and implements IFS Applications, a component-based extended ERP suite built on SOA technology.  IFS Applications combine industry-specific components, developed in close cooperation with customers and leading industry partners, with standard business components needed by all types of organisations. The result is a solution that is designed for your industry and that still covers your entire business without costly, time-consuming customisations and modifications. 

How to contact IFS?

IFS Australia
Level 1, Suite 7, 796 High St
Kew East, VIC, 3102 Australia
Phone: 03 9862 3800

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