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Hertel Group is a leading European provider of maintenance service support for industrial, commercial and manufacturing industries. Hertel (UK) Limited operates through a network of over 60 customer site offices and 11 regional centers. Activities range from project surveys and reports, to total solutions for rectification and ongoing monitoring. The extensive customer base includes nuclear decommissioning, petrochemical processing plants, public sector utilities and municipal authorities.

Hertel’s workforce is fairly transient, and within regions personnel can be moved between sites as projects progress. Better HR facilities were needed for maintaining employee records. Other requirements included a more efficient means for accruing costs against customer accounts. An initial business process review had shown that as the company was growing, so were its problems in purchasing administration and purchase ledger. Payroll was taking too long and tying up excessive administrative resources.

Since implementing IFS Applications, Hertel has seen its business become more efficient. With the elimination of paper-based transactions, purchasing and invoicing processes have become more streamlined. Better access to accurate information also means that accounting has improved and productivity has increased.

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