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Digitising your comms

Getting a win-win-win outcome… For many organisations, the thought of delivering communications digitally can seem daunting. Driven by the increasing expectations of customers and distribution partners, the transition to digital is an unstoppable trend. Research shows that most organisations are still in the infant stages of their

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New CRM fresh on global market

Tired of having to cobble together systems for its sales reps, SaaS business Freshdesk set about creating its own CRM system for ‘high velocity sales teams’… Originally the creators of the eponymous customer support SaaS product, Freshdesk has responded to its sales team and customer needs, this week launching

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Dynamics takes to the field

Microsoft’s CRM solution has been extended to handle field services, Rolls Royce on board with deployment… Microsoft’s deal to buy LinkedIn may have taken up all the column inches last week, but the addition of field services and sensors integration to Dynamics CRM as part of its

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Equip your salespeople for on-the-road success

Evidence shows that the ‘hard sell’ does not generate loyalty, but a good experience does. The experts at MYOB discuss what salespeople need to achieve this… As business people we want to maximise our profits, as customers we want a brilliant and personalised purchasing experience, so it

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Top reasons for buying a CRM

If you care about your revenue line, you should invest in the right customer relationship management (CRM) software. It can help you understand, anticipate and respond to your customer’s needs in a way that delivers real value to them and to your business. A CRM system can

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You want CRM with that?

Having made the decision to get serious about Customer Relationship Management (CRM), what does a business need to do to make the CRM dream a reality? Do you opt for a ERP solution with a built in CRM module – or go for a standalone CRM package?

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Social CRM: Hype or Holy Grail

Social CRM is the new buzz-phrase. But what does it mean and, more importantly, what can it do for your business? Graham Medcalf investigates… Suddenly Social CRM is all the rage. Organisations are realising that social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer opportunities for companies to

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Silver bullet? CRM on demand

Is the software-as-a-service model of delivering CRM just a wave like any other or a Tsunami force your business can’t ignore? CRM expert Trudy Barnett investigates… On demand software, also known as software as a service (SaaS), or what we used to call application service providers (ASPs)

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