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PipelineDeals Review

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Review Summary: PipelineDeals

“A CRM that is simple with just the right features and capabilities that provide a solid sales and pipeline management system. Low cost!”

What the vendor says:

“PipelineDeals is an online CRM that offers simple and powerful tools for your sales team. Organize your deals and contacts; track your entire sales process; report on your sales pipeline; close more deals, more efficiently.”

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What Software Shortlist says about PipelineDeals:

Efficiency is the keystone for PipelineDeals CRM. What they have developed is a CRM program that is simple and not necessarily simple minded. It has just the right features and capabilities that will provide a solid sales and pipeline management system.

Key strengths of PipelineDeals include:

  • Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful reporting

This new breed of CRM vendors targets their applications to sales organizations where pipeline management, lead tracking and associated support tools are the primary objectives of the client organization.

Program admin, set up and customization are fast and simple and impossible to mess up even for computer novices. The user interface is clean, easy to understand and use. The dashboard and reports are comprehensive. Team calendar and stored documents features are easy to upload, find and distribute.

Just launched is the ‘company profile’ page really improves the traditional Contact list data views with a profile summary of the Company (or Account) that includes all the companywide activity affecting the account. PipelineDeals also connects to Twitter, Linked In and Facebook and allows you to follow your connections.

Road warriors can manage their entire sales pipeline with their iPhone, text messages/reminders sent to cell phones, even email leads directly into the user account from anywhere. No long term contracts, no storage limits and the ability to export your data at any time makes PipelineDeals a viable and practical option for many SMEs.

Considering the service offered, program and price point, there is a lot to like about PipelineDeals.

PipelineDeals offers a very simple pricing model, just $15 per user.

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