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Strong uptake in software VAR (value added reseller) listings

Over the past few months Software Shortlist has experienced an increase in listings from IT consulting companies and service providers, in our IT Service Provider Directory. IT consultants often resell software on behalf of vendors, so they form a global Value Added Reseller (VAR) community around specific software products.

This increase in uptake has come about through a strong need for service providers to raise awareness of their specialist expertise and to generate qualified leads. Currently there are very few options available to assist SME customers in finding the most competent IT service providers for thier specific needs. And, conversely, there are very few options available to IT service providers who would like to make easy direct contact with interested SME customers.

In response to this demand, Software Shortlist has now signed up service providers across a number of competences. This includes CRM software, ERP software, Accounting packages, BI software and the like. Software products are now listed on our website from across all of these areas.  This list was included in one of our recent News Postings.

If you know of any IT consulting organisation that may be interested in profiling themselves, to generate much needed contacts and leads, please let them know about our Service Provider Listing options.

Don’t make them wait until their competitors have already gained the upper hand!