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New software directory for small businesses

Today we officially launch the Software Shortlist Directory – a free online resource to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) quickly find relevant software.

Don’t worry, we see the irony. Here is a company that specialises in shortlisting software that is now giving you a long list of software.

But there’s good reason for this. The feedback on our online recommendation and comparison service has been fantastic, but we have also heard from many customers that they wanted to see the full list of software that sat behind it.  There seems to be a certain level of comfort people get from seeing the long list of options. Of course, we suspect that when confronted with a long list of available software, you will appreciate even more the value of our shortlisting service 🙂

So, without any further ado, welcome to the Software Shortlist Directory.

Launch of Directory for Small Business Software

The directory includes over 700 products in popular categories such as Accounting, Email Marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Project Management, and Small Business ERP.  And more categories are being added all the time.

What is particularly distinctive about our directory is that it focuses only on small business software. With no consumer or big enterprise solutions to wade through, you save time and money not having to consider options that aren’t relevant to you.

You will also find the quality of the listings is better than most. We have applied strict selection criteria as part of a global search process to create a powerful resource for small businesses.  Our aim is to build an extensive yet high quality list of software — and if faced with a choice, we have gone for quality over quantity.

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