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Why customer relevance is good for all

With existing online tools for selecting business software, customer relevance too often comes a distant second to revenue. This is a major problem.

Software directories (the dominant model for online software selection) typically offer free basic listings in small font below the fold, or a range of ‘premium’ paid listings in prominent locations. In other words, software vendors pay for preferential treatment by being shown at the top of the list.

Irrelevance Hurts

For a potential software customer, the directory approach is problematic. After all, a vendor’s marketing budget may have little to do with how good their product, or how relevant it is to a given customer. But in the face of an overwhelming list of options, people tend to just click on the top few items… which are inevitably the premium listings.

However, software vendors do not necessarily benefit from the status quo either. They either choose the free or cheap listing options in return for a few leads, or they pay top dollar for a large number of clicks that may or may not be relevant for them. And since poor relevance translates into poor conversion, the vendors suffer from a lower than expected return on investment.

The Google Analogy

Anyone remember how search engine advertising worked before Google came to dominate? It looked suspiciously like software directories today – paid listings at the top, not clearly differentiated from relevance-driven results. One of Google’s most powerful insights was that relevance is good for both customers and advertisers.

Trigora Changes the Game

Now Trigora is bringing the same insight to online software selection, with a new service that focuses intensely on customer relevance. Put simply, we believe that everyone wins when the end customer gets relevant results.

Trigora’s unique algorithm matches customers with participating software based purely on how well the software matches their specific needs and preferences. And unlike software directories, Trigora includes only the very best solutions, and does not accept payment for preferential placement.

This means the end customer is assured of getting a shortlist of relevant, high quality software packages that truly meet their needs. And vendors benefit from a stream of relevant prospects that have a much higher chance of converting into sales.

Isn’t relevance great?