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Seeco UK Ltd

Established in 1986, Seeco today enjoys an established track record of high-quality, competitively priced sheet metal component provision to sectors that include medical, electronics, defence, railway and shop-fitting to name but a few. Like many small and medium-sized manufacturers, Seeco’s business management requirements changed as the company evolved. Originally it operated a bespoke MRP system, before switching to a business management software suite. The set-up was inflexible and if the need arose for a change, regardless of size, it always seemed to cause a major issue. Seeco soon found there were unacceptable pitfalls that required addressing.

One of the most pertinent requirements of Seeco’s customers was quick response times. ECi M1 allows Seeco to provide customers with very rapid response times to enquiries, as well as fast order generation. Since installing the M1 manufacturing ERP software from ECi Software Solutions, Seeco has not only doubled its sales revenue but it has done so with 25% fewer employees.

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