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WORKetc is a collection of integrated software tools that provides small business with a powerful web-based system ready to improve workflow and management. It automates key tasks and processes to help make your business more efficient – and an efficient business means less stress and more profits.

Who uses WORKetc?

WORKetc is used by more than 1000 business from 28 countries including USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, India, China, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland, Mexico, Spain and more.

What does WORKetc offer?

WORKetc is a total small business management software solution. WORKetc helps organize many of daily business activities such as tracking billable time, managing customer support, marketing and invoicing – making them easily accessible through the single interface. The following components make up the entire WORKetc suite:

  • Web Based CRM: Helps you better manage customer relationships and close more sales.
  • Project Management Software: Allows you to stay on top of projects and receive instant updates.
  • Billing software: Create detailed invoices from timesheets, projects, and products.
  • Shared Calendars: Enables setting up meetings and receive email or RSS reminders.
  • Help Desk Software: Makes sure every customer support request is answered.
  • Document Management: Helps you share documents securely.

How WORKetc helps your business?

WORKetc helps solve some of the big business problems faced by small and medium businesses:

  • Keeping everyone on the same page: As your business grows, it becomes harder and harder to keep all of your staff well informed. With more staff serving more customers in more locations there is an increased risk of inefficiency, miscommunication and costly mistakes. Without a centralized platform, errors occur, opportunities are missed and customers are lost.
  • Consolidate multiple business tools: Growing businesses seem to be forever adding new programs to the suite of tools they use to operate. First it was a CRM, then support software, then project management and a separate billing system. Before you know it you need four programs just to work with a customer, and you spend hours entering the same information into each piece of software.
  • Staying on top of everything: Almost everybody has been through the stress of a missed appointment, opportunity or deadline. With so much going on in your business it can be easy to forget to send an e-mail, follow up a sales lead or even attend an important meeting. Worse, if you’re using a different program to manage each aspect of your business, it’s easy to lose track of where you are, what you’re supposed to do next and what your team is up to.
  • Centralizing communication: With more staff in more places managing more clients, communication channels quickly become disjointed. Not everyone works at the same time or even in the same place.  Yet every successful business relies on clear and open communication to ensure information isn’t lost, stay on top of deadlines and to deliver the best outcome to customers. Without a centralized platform from which to manage your team communication suffers.

Why choose WORKetc?

Some of the key reasons to choose WORKetc are:

  • All-in-one solution: WORKetc consolidates a complete suite of business tools and software into one simple platform for the growing business.
  • Customization: Powerful Custom Fields can be applied to leads, projects, contacts and support cases. With WORKetc, very table layout and search can be customized to display more or less data, and to sort that data in a way that makes sense for a business. Users can even tweak language so the terms for clients, addresses, forms and more all match real-world situations.
  • Google Apps integration: Automatically sync Google contacts and calendars. Access Google Docs from within WORKetc.
  • Mobile Apps: WORKetc apps give you the opportunity to run your business on the go. Native apps allow you to access WORKetc from your Apple iPhone or Android OS smartphone.

How to contact WORKetc?

Visit WORKetc website to sign up for a free trial.


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