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SugarCRM offers open source CRM business software for customer relationship management solutions – both cloud-based and on premise CRM softwares – for sales, marketing, customer support with email, mobile and social CRM integration. Sugar’s mobile CRM access and social media integration (Social CRM) provides businesses around the world with a 360-degree view of today’s sophisticated, engaged customers.

As one the world’s fastest-growing provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software, Sugar applications have been downloaded more than ten million times and currently serve over one million users in 192 countries. Seven thousand commercial customers have chosen the On-Site and On-Demand (Software as a Service) applications over proprietary alternatives.

What SugarCRM offers?

Sugar has four subscriptions to address different needs in the CRM marketplace from small business through the largest enterprises. All versions are based on the same software code which allows for easy migration among subscriptions as business needs change.

  • Sugar Professional:  a full-featured CRM suite with advanced capabilities for sales, marketing, and customer support.
  • Sugar Corporate: adds Sugar Mobile Plus, Sugar’s offline mobile client.
  • Sugar Enterprise: adds a Lotus Notes plug-in, Oracle and IBM DB2 database support, a self-service customer portal, advanced reporting, an offline client, and a higher level of customer support
  • Sugar Ultimate: adds Lotus Domino server connector and Sugar’s highest level of support

How SugarCRM helps your business?

SugarCRM offers whole host of features that help businesses:

  • simplify how they organize and track people, companies and sales opportunities;
  • gain better insight into who their customers are and how the company is performing across marketing, sales and support;
  • gain unrivaled flexibility to design the processes and expose the right information that makes for more successful partners and happier customers;
  • become more productive and focus on what really matters: creating and retaining customers.

Why choose SugarCRM?

Open Architecture: Sugar has been built on an open software model. Customers and developers can have complete access to the open platform, making Sugar an extremely flexible CRM solution. As businesses grow, and as business and social networks evolve, Sugar can easily be modified, extended and integrated to meet changing needs quickly and effectively.

Dedicated Customer Databases: Sugar uses a dedicated database for each customer, unlike typical “multi-tenant” CRM solutions that keep customer data in a shared database. This makes it easy for customers to access their own data for backups, archiving, or to move their Sugar instance easily among a variety of cloud options.

Flexible Deployment Options: SugarCRM gives users the freedom to deploy Sugar in the way that best meets their requirements today and in the future. Users can select a cloud option for quick implementation without capital investment, or can choose to deploy on their own servers, behind their firewall, to address business compliance requirements. Sugar offers five deployment options:

  • Sugar On-Demand: A software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud offer, hosted and managed by SugarCRM.
  • Sugar Private Cloud, Powered by IBM: A premium Sugar On-Demand service, managed by Sugar and hosted on IBM SmartCloud Enterprise, IBM’s enterprise-grade cloud offering.
  • Public Cloud: Sugar customers manage their own instance, hosted on a wide choice of commercial clouds: Amazon EC2, IBM SmartCloud Enterprise, Microsoft Azure, or Rackspace.
  • Partner Cloud: hosted and managed by a Sugar partner on their cloud.
  • Sugar On-Site: customers host and manage Sugar on their own network and servers behind their own firewall.

Mobile Support: Sugar supports a choice of mobile clients on a variety of platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, BlackBerry, and any device with a mobile browser. Offline sync capability boosts productivity while traveling and Sugar’s HTML 5 charting engine ensures that reports can be read on mobile devices.

Social Media Integration: Sugar allows teams to take advantage of business data and consumer information aggregated from both traditional media and social media including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Global Distribution Partnerships: Over 350 Sugar-certified partners worldwide provide specialized professional services including training, deployment and customization, ensuring the success of each CRM initiative.

Active Developer Community: More than 30,000 registered developers in the Sugar community drive SugarCRM innovation through testing, feedback, extension creation, and complementary applications.

How to contact SugarCRM?

10050 North Wolfe Road, SW2-130
Cupertino, CA 95014, USA
Phone: +1 408-454-6940
Fax: +1 408-873-2872
Toll Free: 1 877-842-7276

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