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Really Simple Systems CRM

Really Simple Systems Cloud CRM is aimed at small and medium sized organisations or departments of larger organisations who want a simple, easy to use web-based CRM sales, support and marketing system.

Who uses Really Simple Systems CRM?

Really Simple Systems is one of the the largest worldwide providers of Online CRM systems. Over 5,000 users from 2,000 businesses depend on Really Simple Systems Online CRM. Customers range from single user to 500 user systems, and include the Royal Academy of Arts, the British Library, RSM Tenon and the Department of Health as well as hundreds of small and medium sized companies.

What does Really Simple Systems CRM offer?

The key features offered by Really Simple Systems CRM are :

  • Account & Contact Management: Keeps all your customers and prospects in a simple two-tier data structure – Accounts (companies and organisations) and Contacts (people who work there).
  • Opportunity Management: Tracks all your potential and closed deals, allowing you to prioritise sales effort and giving you visibility of you and your teams’ sales pipelines.
  • Marketing and Campaign Management: Allows you to measure performance of all your marketing campaigns, includes integrated mass emailing and allows you to interface your web site to your CRM system for lead capture.
  • Customer Service & Support: Uses Case Management to track support and service requests and escalate them to meet target service levels.
  • Calendar: Integrates with and embeds Google Calendar, the free web based diary that can be easily shared amongst your colleagues, co-workers and subcontractors.

How Really Simple Systems CRM helps your business?

With Really Simple Systems hosted CRM you and your team can manage all your customers, prospects, contacts, tasks, sales opportunities and marketing campaigns in one easy-to-use system. You can access your data from wherever you can connect to the Internet – at the office, from home, in your hotel room, on the road, on your mobile/cellphone or PDA, in your favourite coffee shop. The hosted CRM model is particularly suitable for companies with multiple locations and people who work remotely or at home.

By running your CRM on Really Simple Systems servers you get a full functionality CRM system without the overhead of installing and maintaining software on your own computers. Really Simple Systems maintain the software, the computers and back the data up for you every night.

Why choose Really Simple Systems CRM?

Some of the key reasons to choose Really Simple Systems CRM are:

Customisation: You can customise your CRM system for free by adding new fields to any record: free text, numbers, percentages, dates, check boxes, lookup boxes. Further customisation options are available with Enterprise edition.

Mobility: Really Simple Mobile CRM runs on iPhones, Android, BlackBerry and Windows phones. Track and update your Accounts, Contacts, Tasks, Activities and Opportunities directly from your phone, in real time. Call and email Contacts directly from your phone. Google Maps is integrated into the application to provide location based services such as directions and maps.

Accounting Integration: Really Simple Systems CRM integrates seamlessly with KashFlow Accounting. Turn an Opportunity in your CRM system into a Quote in KashFlow. Create and post Sales Invoices within KashFlow from an Opportunity.

How to contact Really Simple Systems?

Visit Really Simple Systems website to sign up for a free trial.


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