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Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM is a simple customer relationship manager made just for small businesses. Manage contact info, track leads, and never miss a follow-up.

What does Less Annoying CRM offer?

The key features provided by Less Annoying CRM include:

  • Contact Management: Provides a place to store everything you need to know about your contacts. From one simple screen you can see all of the notes, files, to-do’s, events, and opportunity information related to a contact.
  • Calendar and To-do’s: The calendar and to-do’s are built directly into the CRM so that everything is in one place. You can set up sharing with other users at your company so that everyone can stay on the same page, and you can sync with Google Calendar for easy access from your phone.
  • Leads & Opportunities: Provides an always up-to-date list of every lead in your pipeline, including the status and priority of the lead, contact info, and the note from the last time you talked to them.
  • Collaboration: Helps you easily collaborate with users in your organization in a secure fashion. Whether you want your reps to only have access to their own data, or you want everyone to share, Less Annoying CRM makes it easy.
  • Conversations Log: The email dropbox feature makes it easy to log emails into the CRM from any email provider. All you need to do is just BCC messages to a unique address set up for you.
  • Daily Agenda Emails: Get an email summarizing all of your to-do’s and events for the day. You don’t even need to log in to stay organized!

How Less Annoying CRM helps your business?

If you’re a small business looking for a way to increase sales and get organized, but the CRMs you’ve tried are too complicated, Less Annoying CRM is for you. We provide everything you need to track your contacts, leads, and follow-ups without any of the extra clutter.

Less Annoying CRM is free to try for 30 days, and that includes your own dedicated CRM Coach who will help you get set up and answer any questions you have (including help importing your existing data).

Why choose Less Annoying CRM?

Some of the key reasons to choose Less Annoying CRM are:

  • Simplicity: Simplicity means eliminating the learning curve. Less Annoying CRM makes it easy to find all of your tools and information from any page in the CRM. The system was designed specifically to be intuitive, even for users who aren’t tech-savvy.
  • Customization: Most CRMs either don’t offer enough customization, or they force so much on their users that it becomes a complicated mess. Less Annoying CRM gives you complete control, and you can set it up in minutes.
  • Access from any device: Less Annoying CRM is entirely web-based, which means that you can access it from any computer, tablet, or modern smartphone, anywhere in the world.
  • Security: Offers 256-bit encryption to the CRM, and follows best-practices to ensure the security of your data. Less Annoying CRM servers are hosted on’s industry leading infrastructure, and keeps two different types of backups including several copies stored offsite in the event of a major disaster.

How to contact Less Annoying CRM?

Visit Less Annoying CRM website to sign up for a free trial.


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