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BlueCamroo helps small and medium-sized businesses do more with less. It’s a complete, integrated and aordable web-based application that helps you track and manage your sales leads, customers, contacts, opportunities and projects.

What does BlueCamroo offer?

With CRM, Project Management, Social Network Monitoring, Email Marketing, Calendars, Time Tracking, Invoicing, Support Ticketing, Task Management, Expenses Management, Collaboration, Automation and more, you really can do more with BlueCamroo!

Below are some of the key features that BlueCamroo offers:

  • Connect to Online Social Networks to find sales opportunities, support clients, and follow the market buzz.
  • Capture Leads automatically from the web, Twitter, LinkedIn, imported lists, and more.
  • Build Sales Pipeline with Sales Opportunity tracking, sales quotations and reporting.
  • Keep team members informed with Update Streams that you can also share with customers and suppliers.
  • Collaborate on Projects with slick task and project management tools and automation.
  • Track and Bill Time with online Timers, individual timesheets, and automated timesheet billing.
  • Invoice and Get Paid with integrated billing and online payment processing.
  • Support clients with built-in support ticketing and customer case management.
  • Automate your business with Workflow Rules, Project Templates and a full API.
  • Record and manage Personal Business Expenses with Expense Sheets and approvals workflow.
  • Send Email Marketing Campaigns with a built-in Email Marketing engine.
  • Report on your whole business with easy-to-create visual dashboards and reports.

How BlueCamroo helps your business?

You can benefit from using BlueCamroo if:

  • Your business mainly provides services
  • You repeat project processes for several clients
  • You need access to information from multiple locations
  • You need to coordinate tasks and be updated on progress
  • You need to respond to clients in organized manner
  • You need to track and bill time
  • You need to monitor what customers are saying on social networks
  • You need to keep in touch with clients and prospects on a regular basis

Why choose BlueCamroo?

Some of the compelling reasons to choose BlueCamroo are:

  • Capture Every Lead: BlueCamroo off˜ers multiple ways to capture leads: from your website; from email inquiries; and directly from social media sources such as Twitter and Facebook. You can also import leads from other sources, and even integrate third-party lead-generation systems using the BlueCamroo API.
  • Manage & Share Customer Data: BlueCamroo’s patent-pending CRM approach and architecture is built for the real world where people move from job to job, or freelance with several organizations at the same time, or sometimes buy from you on their own behalf – not on behalf of a company. By mirroring the real world, BlueCamroo provides Smarter CRM, that you and your team can use to share information about key contacts as they really are, not confined to the concept of Accounts and Contacts.
  • Harness Social Networks: BlueCamroo’s social tools help you to search for sales opportunities, listen to the network buzz, and support clients easily and efficiently.
  • Work Smart: BlueCamroo helps teams work better together, and individuals be more productive and organized. Bringing all your data and activities together in a single web-based solution cuts down on duplication, errors and re-entry of data, and ensures all your critical information is accessible wherever and whenever you need it.
  • Automate & Customize: BlueCamroo makes it easy to customize your workspace for the way you operate. Whether by customizing themes and email templates to match your branding, or adding Workflow Rules to automate day-to-day tasks, it’s easy to make BlueCamroo your own.

How to contact BlueCamroo?

Visit BlueCamroo website to sign up for a free trial.


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