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StreamSend is a simple looking application that manages to pack away all the basic features you would want from your email marketing system.

StreamSend Screenshot

What We Liked

The WYSIWIG editor interface was a pleasure to work with. Those with limited design and web page skills can quickly customize an existing template and at least get a functional campaign running in no time. We liked the fact that you get a private IP address along with email authentication. This is a definite boost to your credibility with the ISPs and you should be able to get better deliverability rates. StreamSend is one of the few ESPs who allow you to customize your Google Analytics campaign tags. You can tag your campaigns (called “labels”) with multiple keywords similar to the tags used in blog posts. This is a useful when you want to retrieve a past campaign based on topic.

Gaps to Watch

You will have to copy the text from your HTML version and paste it in manually. You also need to manually wrap the lines to fit the recommended 65-character width for text versions of email. The feature list talks about A/B split testing but we were not able to find it anywhere in the system. We would also have liked a larger range of choice in the templates.

Review Summary

Covers all the basics required for email marketing. Campaign set up walks you through the process quickly. Limited templates. Overall, we give StreamSend 4 stars.

4 stars

Review by Abey John (May 2010)

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