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How to Entice Website Visitors to Sign up for Your Email Newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to promote your business and products without spending a lot of money. Sending emails is free, and when prospective clients sign up for your newsletter, it doubles your chance of receiving business from them. But for a newsletter to be effective, you have to present valid reasons why clients need to sign up for it.

Create an attractive landing page

Your landing page, as well as other website contents, will help your target clients decide whether to sign up to your newsletter or not. Most users are very careful about giving their out their email address, so take the extra steps to make your website as credible and trustworthy as you can.

Customers will only sign up to a newsletter if they feel a strong need to learn more about your services or products. Your job is to create this need. Give enough information on your website to pique the clients’ interest without revealing too much. Give them reasons to want more, and offer them evidence that only you and your business can provide the answers. This way, you score some positive points and earn their trust beforehand.

Write an easy to read newsletter

Signing up prospective clients is just half of your mission. The other half is to make sure that they do not click unsubscribe or tag your email as spam. Remember, they are probably receiving hundred of emails daily so your goal must be to attract the receiver to open and read your newsletter. And once they do, your next task is to keep them wanting more, and subsequently, keep reading your newsletter.

This is only possible if you can offer useful information without sounding like you are desperate to sell your products. Nobody likes a desperate person and nobody like to buy things if he doesn’t see the need for them. Don’t push too hard in your newsletter. Just present the good things about the products and services that you are selling and let the customer decide.

Just how long should your newsletter be?

Experts suggest that you keep it short if you are selling everyday items and services. The more your clients know about your product in advance, the less information you should pack into the newsletter. Only write an extra long newsletter if you are introducing a relatively unknown product as you need to explain its features and functions more.

Keep a friendly, yet authoritative tone in your newsletter. Sound like an expert. But do it in a way that your readers don’t feel like being lectured at. Keep a balance between being friendly and being believable so as not to drive away your prospective clients. Your tone and your message’s content will determine whether the reader will keep your email or send it to the trash bin in no time.

The more your clients read your newsletter, the more business will coming your way. Aim to inform, do it effectively, and sales will come naturally.

Article contributed by Dina D.

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