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Lead generation and marketing services for enterprise software vendors

Software Shortlist and iStart offer a range of marketing and lead generation solutions for enterprise software brands and their partners. We work with leading global vendors and quality service providers around the world in a range of software categories, in particular ERP and CRM. See below for more details on our offerings.

If you’d like to receive “Opportunity Alert” emails for new leads, please subscribe using the form below. These are offered on a pay-per-lead basis, invoiced only once you are shortlisted by the prospect.

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Grow your business with qualified sales leads from Software Shortlist

Software Shortlist connects software vendors and resellers with sales-ready prospects. Our lead generation program offers a flexible and low-risk way for you to grow your business with genuine buyers that have been well-qualified and want to speak with relevant vendors.

Telephone-qualified BANT leads

Telephone Qualified Leads

All leads are qualified  by our experts, including BANT criteria (i.e. Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline)

Free alerts. Pay-Per-Introduction.

On Demand Leads

Free Opportunity Alerts. Only pay for introductions to prospects that want to talk with you and that you have a good chance of winning.

Genuine sales opportunities

genuine sales opportunities

Get connected to genuine prospects with confirmed requirements who want to talk. Limited to a shortlist of introductions per prospect.

Here’s how the qualified lead process works…

Software buyers find us through search engines, social media, and referral partners. They register with us to download useful content like our ERP Buyers Guide or request a shortlist of relevant solutions to accelerate their search via our free Get A Shortlist service. We nurture these contacts with newsletters and follow-up e-mails asking about progress with their software project.

Our expert consultants call them up to see if they have a genuine software requirement and are actively looking to speak with vendors. If so, they undertake a detailed consultation to qualify the prospect’s software needs in detail. We gather typical BANT details (budget, authority, timeline, need) and explore a range of critical issues such as their motivation for a new system, what they’re currently using, who else is involved in the process, what systems if any they are already considering, etc. These notes are written up in detail in our system, agreed with the buyer who understands that we’ll introduce up to 5 relevant vendors for them to talk with.

You get notified of freshly qualified leads via Opportunity Alert emails. These contain detailed but anonymous qualification notes from our consultant’s conversation with the prospect, so they’re rich with the sort of detail your sales team wants to know to qualify someone in or out as suitable for your solution. To see what you’ll receive, check out these previous opportunity alerts:

To request an introduction to a prospect that you believe you have a good chance of winning, click the Request an Introduction button in the Opportunity Alert email. This opens up an email and you should explain briefly why you are well-placed to meet their requirements (which we may use when making the introduction).

If you have a question, for instance if you think it might be a prospect you’re already working on — then simply email us at leads (at) softwareshortlist (dot) com and ask. A request for introduction is considering a binding purchase order.

If we get too many requests, Software Shortlist makes a judgement call about which ones to introduce (you will be informed if we can’t accept your request). By limiting the number of introductions to a shortlist of up to 5 vendors, we ensure prospects get enough choice without being overwhelmed and give you a great chance of winning their business. That’s the power of a shortlist!

If your request for an introduction is accepted by the buyer, then we connect you with the prospect as follows:

  1. The prospect is emailed with an introduction to your company as part of their suggested shortlist, with you copied in on that email.
  2. We email you full contact details and qualification notes so your sales team can follow up for a productive sales conversation.
  3. We send you an invoice for the introduction fee (for first-timers, this step might precede the introduction).

We recommend that your sales team follow up promptly by phone and/or email with the prospect. They will be expecting your call.

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We work with software vendors and resellers of all sizes. Whether you’re a global leader or a small nimble startup, we can help connect you with relevant qualified prospects who are keen to talk.

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Take advantage of marketing solutions that put you “On The Shortlist”

ERP Shortlist and CRM Shortlist are dedicated zones on our website that showcase leading ERP and CRM solutions online, helping you engage with serious prospects through a detailed profile and downloads of your case studies & whitepapers. Software Shortlist and its partners contribute expert articles, Buyer’s Guides and other resources to provide a content-rich zone that attracts thousands of new prospective buyers from around the world each month.

Membership offers a range of benefits for enterprise software vendors, including:

Showcase your solution

Be amongst the leading vendors featured on our Online Shortlists, with a detailed profile page to communicate what makes your solution distinctive.

Whitepapers & case studies

Generate leads from prospective buyers who register to download your content, included in your membership. Engage them with customer case studies and demonstrate your expertise with your whitepapers and thought-leadership.

Discount member pricing on leads

All members of ERP Shortlist and CRM Shortlist receive a 50% discount on the standard price for leads purchased from Software Shortlist via Opportunity Alerts.

Find out more about membership

Membership of an online shortlist starts from just $150 per month for Bronze, with additional marketing benefits available for Silver and Gold members. A minimum 6 month commitment applies, and discounts are available for longer terms or multiple memberships, or if you are an iStart customer.

For more information, download our Services Overview. We also encourage you to see how it works for yourself by visiting ERP Shortlist.

Directory listings

We also maintain an extensive directory of solutions in a range of other software categories, including accounting, timesheet, professional services automation, online database, payroll, and many more. Explore the software directory and if you’d like to be added you can request a listing online.

To discuss further, please see the next steps in the panels above or contact us.