Review: Billing your time and expenses with Bill4Time

Review of Bill4Time

By Moriya Beck

Bill4Time is an online solution that helps professional service firms run their business more effectively by combining time & expense tracking invoicing & payments, client & project management, and accounting capabilities in a single, easy to use system.

Although intended for any professional who works on projects for people and bills his/her time to client, Bill4Time also includes specific features to fit the needs of Accountants and Lawyers. It is designed to be simple but also offers customization features to suit larger, more complex projects.

Bill4Time provides all of the basic functionality needed to properly track time and expenses, manage clients and projects, assign tasks, create and send invoices, accept payment and integrates with Quickbooks.

Benefits of Bill4Time

During our 30 day free trial we identified a number of distinctive benefits that will help professional service firms make their day-to-day business operations easier.

  • Intuitive user friendly interface
  • Choice of Online, Desktop Widget and Mobile tool
  • Industry specific features for Accounting and Law Firms
  • Multiple time tracking options
  • Conflict checker to ensure projects do not get duplicated.
  • Option to subscribe multiple users to a specific project
  • Create standard project types for when you have many clients with similar needs.
  • Automatic and encrypted daily backups
  • Tons of training videos and information sessions. Superior customer support.
  • Volume pricing for large organizations and departments
  • 30 day free trial

Key Features

The Bill4Time software solution highly robust, affordable and intuitive. Key Features include time tracking, billing and invoicing, mobile phone app, expense tracking, online access, customization, desktop widget, project management tool, client management, security and user access, accounting and reports.

Time Tracking:

As an accountant, accounting firm, attorney or legal organization, it is common to have multiple clients and projects going on simultaneously. Think tax season! Ten clients, thirty plus financial statements. Holy cow! It’s easy to lose precious billable time when your are in the “financial” zone and lacking the proper tools. The Bill4Time system was designed to make managing your daily work flow a snap. Track time quickly with the Bill4Time one time click timer entries. Tracking time to each client has never been easier!

Billing and Invoicing:

Bill4Time provides legal and accounting professionals the opportunity to charge hourly, via flat rate or upon contingencies. The tool allows users to see all payments, invoices and balance adjustments on a per project or per client basis.The system also provides multiple invoicing options such as email, print an mail. The tool offers users the opportunity to preset invoice settings with company logo and personal messages, choice of multiple design templates as well as various exporting options such as: PDF, Great American, Nationwide, Chubb, and etc.

Legal professionals will appreciate the specific features dedicated to the Legal Electronic Data Exchange (LEDES) and also find Bill4Time has features available for trust accounting. The system accepts electronic payments in the form of Paypal and Credit Cards and integrates with Quickbooks.

Project Management:

Whether you are a contractor, accounting firm or legal organization, the Bill4Time Project Management Tool allows the user to quickly create and customize projects specific to the task at hand. The system also allows the project manager to assign tasks to a specific user within an organization. Bill4Time also offers a 30 day risk free trial and is available without submitting a credit card. As an accountant or legal professional, there is no reason not to test drive this software solution.

A Legal professional should find the Bill4Time platform is easy to navigate especially since it was  designed with the ability to automatically implement American Bar Association (ABA) Task Codes, LEDES and Litigation Advisor export for invoices, Trust Accounting as well as an easy to use conflict management system.


The system is highly customizable. The Bill4Time “quick create” feature allows users to easily create projects using terminology specific to their industry.  For example, an accounting firm may create projects and assign tasks specifically associated to the accounting cycle, bank reconciliation, or income statements. Law Firms project types may include research, witness interviews, client meetings, jury selection, and case preparation. It allows users to easily create the categories important to the daily operations that require time tracking.

As you can see the Bill4Time Project Management Tool is easy to set up. Project Managers can assign projects to specific clients at an hourly rate, flat fee or contingency basis. The project manager can also invite specific people such as other project manager, accountants or clients to view the project. To help keep your projects organized, Bill4Time’s project management tools allow users to import files, track time and expenses, schedule meetings, manage payments and adjust billing rates on a per project basis.

Web Based/Desktop Widget/Mobile App

Bill4Time understands you are busy professionals and constantly on the go. Whether you are working in an office, at the clients office or from the court house, Bill4Time has you covered. The platform is available via 3 convenient ways: online, downloadable desktop widget and mobile application for Blackberry, Android and iPhone. Access your account from any computer in the world. Track time and expenses even when the internet is down. And don’t forget to track your lunch meetings!

While the mobile application is still in Beta, it works fairly well and allows you to easily track expenses, run activity timers, check client project details, and review account balances. Never lose precious, billable hours again.

Bill4Time Pricing

Bill4Time offers 3 pricing plans to fit the needs of small to medium sized organizations: Free, Lite & Pro.

Free: for contractors who manage 3 or less clients at one time and less than 5 projects at any given time. This option allows the user to save as many clients or projects as needed and allows the user to activate and deactivate as needed.

Lite: For less than $20 per month, the “Lite” package helps businesses manage up to 20 clients and 30 projects at any given time  for only $19.99 per month/per user with the option to add users for only $9.99 per month.

Pro: Organizations who manage hundreds of clients and projects will appreciate the Bill4Time “Pro” package for only $39.99 per month for 1 user and $19.99 per month per additional user. The company offers a “Volume Discount” for larger organizations or departments.

Since the Bill4Time system is charged on a per user per month basis, there are no long term contracts or cancellation fees. There are also no additional costs or hidden fees associated to tech support, back ups or online training modules. It’s all included!

Company Background

Bill4Time was founded in 2006 by parent company Broadway Billing Systems and is now a leading web-based time billing software solution serving professional service firms of all sizes. The system was created with the guidance of law and consulting firms to be simple to use, intuitive and efficient. By all accounts, the company values customer input and strives to provide a high quality and secure system. The platform has tracked over 2.2 Million hours, and been used to invoice for over $230 M dollars this year.

They report a 99.99% uptime and offer a free 30 day trial without a credit card. The company is well-established and offers various levels of customer support including weekly webinars, recorded training, YouTube training, phone, email and chat supported customer support.

Review Summary

It’s no surprise why so many professionals have chosen to trust the Bill4Time system.

Based on our review, we are happy to suggest Bill4TIme as a user friendly, reliable and reasonably priced option for professional service firms who need to track and bill their time & expenses against clients and projects. In particular, we believe lawyers and accountants will appreciate what it has to offer in terms of industry-specific understanding and features.

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