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Migrating from MYOB UK?

The end of 2011 is an important deadline for thousands of MYOB customers in the UK – that’s when their accounting software will be deactivated and they’ll need to have migrated to a new accounting system. This should come as no surprise: the cutoff date was set back in 2008 when the UK arm of MYOB was bought by Mamut.

Moving to a new accounting system is a critical task! If you’re one of the potentially thousands of companies affected by this change, you’d be well-advised not to wait any longer. Accounting software is the backbone of your business systems, and it will take time to properly evaluate and select a replacement and manage the migration process. Make sure you factor in budget not just for the software itself, but also for any required consulting support in managing the setup and migration.

A good place to start is by looking at our accounting software directory – this will help you understand some of the options available. If you have  a budget of £3000 or more, then it’s worth considering our free Get A Shortlist service. We’ll talk to you about your requirements on the phone, and can match you up with a shortlist of 2-3 vendors that are well suited to your business needs. For smaller budgets, our review pack and online comparisons provides a good overview of suitable options.