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Referral partner option: donate to charity

Good news for the kind-hearted among you:  our Referral Partner Program now has the option of donating your earnings to a charity of your choice!

Referral partners are trusted advisors who connect their clients with Software Shortlist when they need support for business software selection. This benefits everyone: the advisor enables their client to move forward with confidence in purchasing software; and clients get free help through a tailored shortlist of relevant, high quality software providers based on their specific requirements.

We recognize that some advisors are comfortable being paid for referrals they make, while others would rather not receive any monetary compensation. Although our referral partners have always been able to say “hey, don’t pay me anything”, the introduction of a charity donation option enables them to not help not just their clients, but also help a worthy not-for-profit organization to continue their good work in the community.

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