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Malware warning resolved

If you tried to access Software Shortlist yesterday, you may have received a warning from your search engine about potential harm. This was due to a malware attack on the website and has now been fully resolved. The Software Shortlist website is now safe to access and has been given a clean bill of health by our hosting provider and Google.

What was the issue?

A PHP file was maliciously uploaded to our server that inserted an iframe tag into our home page and other pages. This iframe code opened up a website that is a known distributor of malware in a tiny window. In most cases, users attempting to visit Software Shortlist during this period would have received a warning from their web browser and prevented from accessing the site.

Software Shortlist itself was not hosting malware.

How did we resolve it?

We worked with our hosting provider to systematically scan all files on the server, remove the offending PHP files, and implement tighter security measures. The vulnerability that allowed this to occur has now been resolved. Furthermore, we have identified the hacker responsible and are reporting them to the appropriate authorities.

What’s the status now?

The Software Shortlist website is safe to access.  We have completed a systematic scan, removed any offending files, and upgraded security — and verified this with our hosting provider and Google. Search engines have now removed the warning page.

We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any remaining concerns, please contact us to discuss.