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Monthly archive for March 2011

Software decisions in a buyer-centric world…

We live in a buyer-centric world. Research into B2B purchase decisions suggests that power is increasingly shifting to buyers. Today, buyers are more often driving the process on their own terms and timetable. For example, here’s an interesting statistic on how businesses buy things: “9 out of

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Malware warning resolved

If you tried to access Software Shortlist yesterday, you may have received a warning from your search engine about potential harm. This was due to a malware attack on the website and has now been fully resolved. The Software Shortlist website is now safe to access and

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Getting strategic about IT

I’m a firm believer that business priorities should drive your IT decisions, not the other way around. This ensures that you are achieving real business impact, not just following the latest IT trend or getting distracted by low value activities. As Peter Drucker once said: The most

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