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Do your customers ever ask you for software recommendations?

Are you a consulting or advisory firm (eg accounting, bookkeeping or software consultancy)? Do you provide services that help companies to improve their operations? Do your customers ever ask you for independent software advice? If so, we should talk! is currently looking for alliance partners to help expand our unique service. Here’s the low down on how this may work for you…

  • You get certified in software selection advice, extending your services capabilities for SMB customers.
  • You get access to our proprietary methodology, patented tools and online products/resources to assist customers in selecting software.
  • You get a service provider profile on the website to get to new customers that you can service.
  • Finally, you become a reseller for all of Software Shorlist’s online products. Earn commissions as you provide services.
  • … and you earn more revenue by simply extending your offerings to existing and new SMB customers!

Sounds like an intriguing opportunity, don’t you think?

Of course, there are a few characteristics we are looking for in suitable candidates:

  • Independent – you are not strongly aligned to a particular product or vendor and can keep an open mind in looking for appropriate software solutions
  • Credible – you have a good reputation in your space, and your judgement and opinions would be trusted by those looking for software
  • Capable – you have the capabilities to extend your services to advise customers on software selection

Interested companies and individuals are invited to review more details of our Certified Consultant Membership plan on our website. You may sign up directly or get in touch with us by emailing any questions to: