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A good yet mysterious selection tool for farm software

Producers can now find the business software they need at the click of a button”

So proclaimed a recent Queensland Department of Primary Industries & Fishing (DPI&F)  press release about our new selection tool for farm software.

First, the backstory…

Software on the Farm

Software on the Farm

This story actually began last year, when we found a research study conducted by JoAnn Resing at the DPI&F.  She’d just published a comprehensive directory of agricultural software, a weighty tome by the name of The Australian Farmer’s Guide to Software.

Since we were in the midst of building SoftwareShortlist, we figured that farmers might need a hand working out which of the 600+ software products was best for them. We got in touch with the JoAnn, and received a good reception to the idea.

Software selection tool hits the news

So it was great to see that our recent launch of, including livestock recordkeeping software, was well regarded by the good folks at the DPI&F:

“That’s where Australian ingenuity enters the picture. A group of Australian entrepreneurs came across the farm software guide and decided to take this data to the next level, producing an interactive software selection tool that is now loaded with business software for the agricultural industry.”

A touch of mystery

The DPI&F press release went on to say a bunch of nice things about this new interactive selection tool for farm software, but owing (we suspect) to a government policy about not explicitly endorsing commercial providers, it didn’t actually mention our name or how to find the tool.  

Now, we like a bit of mystery as much as the next guy…  but when it comes to our newly launched farm software comparison tool we’d like farmers everywhere to know exactly where to find it. Hopefully our own press release can work in tandem with the DPI&F release to help farmers discover this new tool.  

But if you see any farmers still wandering around looking for this mysterious farm software selection tool, feel free to send them our way!