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Manage By Project with Project-Based Solutions

The principles behind project-based business practices are now being embraced and applied to businesses ranging from manufacturing to services. This whitepaper discusses the megatrends driving this change, what it means for industrial companies, and how Project-Based Solutions (PBS), a new type of ERP, can allow executives to intelligently navigate these uncertain waters.

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Lean Manufacturing

In the relentless pursuit of profitability and competitiveness, more and more companies are turning to lean manufacturing to reduce or eliminate waste in their production processes. This paper illustrates how IFS Applications supports lean principles, particularly in the many manufacturing environments that require both rate-based and order-based shop-floor execution.

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What is the Cloud?

Our 21st century society has become so used to change and new developments that genuinely progressive concepts are initially not recognised by many people. There is then a rush to implementation once the benefits become obvious. Virtualisation is a good example of this, with the technology being


What’s Next for ERP?

‘Soviet era software’ is a phrase that neatly sums up all that’s wrong with that generation of business systems, originally designed in the twilight years of the Cold War era, that still permeates the enterprise landscape today. Centrally controlled, oppressive for users, and inflexibly operated to a

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The Rise of Two-Tier ERP: What it is and what it means

A new trend is evolving in enterprise resource planning (ERP). It’s the concept of two-tier ERP, and it has become a growing area of discussion in corporate finance and information technology (IT) departments. Done well, it promises to finally attain the global visibility, standardization, and efficiency we

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Running a Business in the Cloud: A CFO’s/CIO’s Journey

The 2000s were a decade of tech evolution, particularly for the cloud. The adoption of the consumer/social cloud had begun, and when broadband became the norm in the middle of the decade, the sky was the limit. With the advent of the consumer/social cloud, momentum was building

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Why Cloud Computing Matters to Finance

About two-thirds of mid-sized businesses are running old versions of their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system—in some cases, it’s software that’s three or more versions old. This is the legacy of decades of on-premise (in-house) software deployments, incremental releases that never seemed worth the pain of a

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Using Web Technology for Competitive Advantage

Most manufacturing businesses have invested in technology to one extent or another to help combat some of their challenges, but primarily to increase efficiency and productivity. However, many have not yet discovered the value of having a Web presence—or they use the Web in a very limited

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The Hidden Profit Report for Sales and Service

Discover 7 better ways to improve productivity and get better results faster in your Sales and Service business. This 12 Page Hidden Profit Report will assist you to uncover hidden profits in your business. Sometimes all you need is one good idea to improve your business results. By

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