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Forecast: Partly Cloudy

In the business world today, cloud is the buzz word, cloud is the future – it’s here now, and before long it’s going to be where all data is stored, and where all business applications are hosted. But is that the reality? If you’re looking at a significant computing upgrade, should the cloud be your first option? Will a wholly cloud-based system suit your needs?

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Key Strategies for IT Success in Distribution

Information technology (IT) continues to be a major business driver in the distribution industry. As distributors plot the future direction of their ERP systems, they have a multitude of options. This paper provides an overview of several of the key IT strategies now available to support customer service, collaboration, decision-making and other aspects of modern distribution.

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Six Steps to ERP Implementation Success

Like a civil engineering endeavor or sizable construction project, implementing an enterprise-wide application like an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a costly and complex process. This whitepaper provides short and to the point steps to successful ERP implementation.

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Selecting Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for Design, Operate, Maintain

Powerful enterprise asset management (EAM) software has become a requirement rather than a luxury. But yet, most EAM software fails to offer broad enough or thorough enough functionality to truly maximize asset output while minimizing asset cost. This whitepaper analyzes the reasons that this is the case and offer advice for navigating an EAM software selection cycle that delivers the functionality today’s executive requires.

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