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MYOB top tips for cloud computing to empower SMEs

Key SME concerns include lack of cloud knowledge, safety and security of data Cloud computing has become business-as-usual for many operators, while others are being left behind due to fear of the unknown and inexperience. So, MYOB is releasing its top tips for bringing the cloud into a

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ERP on the cloud: What to ask prospective providers

The most common concerns about cloud computing resilience can be overcome by researching cloud providers before signing up. We asked the interviewees what customers should ask providers to ensure resiliency. This is a shortlist of their responses, using Eval-Source’s ERP Cloud Computing and SaaS Buyer’s Guide as

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The Hitchhikers Guide To The Cloud

Many pundits agree that it is the age of The Cloud and that IT professionals need to prepare themselves. While everyone seems to be talking about “The Cloud” in excited tones, do we really understand what it’s all about? We helps demystify what it all means and

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