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Lean distribution – what it is and why you should get on board

Borrowed from the principles of lean manufacturing – a system which seeks to eliminate anything in the manufacturing process that doesn’t add value – the lean distribution model provides a practical and effective method for eliminating waste in your operations, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and increased profits. And waste in this context does not just refer to material things; it can include inefficient use of time, effort, technologies and business processes. It’s about streamlining your operations in a way that helps you meet customer demands and gain a competitive edge. Rather than an end itself, lean is a process of continual improvement.

While many distribution business managers may claim that they apply some form of lean distribution, the reality is that most have not done a deep dive into this way of operating. However efficiently a distribution company is run, there is almost always room for improvement.

What about your business? If you haven’t already embraced the lean approach, now is a good time to start. But where to begin? Well, you can begin by reviewing every aspect of your distribution workforce, processes and methodologies.

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