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E2 Shop System

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The E2 Shop System by Shoptech is the ideal ERP for job shops, made-to-order manufacturers, job-based and mixed-mode manufacturers. Available as an on-premise or cloud solution, the E2 Shop System works well for one-off to repeat orders.

Get the flexibility to handle changing customer due dates and job schedules.

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  1. Estimating, quoting, and order processing
    Generate estimates that capture job specs and profitability from step one and create orders without delay. Make quick quotes with a single mouse click and then fax or email them directly from your workstation. Learn more
  2. Inventory and purchasing
    Tie together inventory and purchasing, taking the guesswork out of ordering. Automatically pull finished products and materials from inventory so you can monitor your inventory levels in real-time. Send quick and automatic RFQs to multiple vendors so they can compete for your business. Vendor competition equals lower prices for you! Learn more
  3. Scheduling
    The built-in Scheduling Whiteboard provides real-time capabilities in seconds and lets you see bottlenecks before they arise. Pull up your schedule at any time to see each job’s priority, where it’s physically located, and where it is in the production process. Learn more
  4. Data collection, time & attendance
    Keep an up-to-the-minute picture of current activity and the entire job history. The bar-coded job travelers can track every detail of every job from beginning to end.  You can also eliminate manual time cards by using Data Collection for employees to clock on and off jobs. Learn more
  5. Quality control
    Manage specific areas of engineering and supply-chain activities for the sole purpose of improving business performance and profitability. E2 Quality identifies process challenges and problems earlier, giving you the opportunity to turn down jobs that could ultimately lose your money. Learn more
  6. Job costing & job tracking
    Control your work centers and print the reports you need from job schedules to almost any summary you can think of. Use these reports to assess if you’re making a reasonable profit or losing money. Learn more
  7. Shipping
    You can easily create Delivery Notes and Bills of Lading with the click of a button. Now you can give your customers instant status updates by tracking shipments online. E2 Shipping works seamlessly with other features in the software, so everything is automatically loaded into the shipping program. Learn more

What can E2 do for you?
We help shops of all kinds and all sizes work smarter for improved efficiencies, greater flexibility and, of course, bigger profits. E2 delivers what you need to improve how, when, and where you use critical business information.


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