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Articles under ‘ERP Selection’ Category

Retail software: How to improve your retail business

Retail is a tough business. With margins under pressure and consumers reluctant to spend in many categories, many retailers are looking to improve their business with the use of modern retail software & technology. Here is a selection of useful resources to help you understand key trends

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Budgeting for Your New ERP or Business System

Thinking about upgrading your ERP system but not sure how to budget for it? Here’s a simple guide to help you develop a realistic budget, including not just the external costs of licensing, maintenance, support and implementation … but also the often neglected internal costs that make up a major part of the overall cost of implementing a new system.

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What you need to know before choosing an ERP vendor

The implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to overhaul and automate business processes is a significant strategic investment for any organisation. Buying the right system and choosing the best vendor partner are critical to a successful implementation – because in this instance the word ‘partner’

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