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Articles under ‘ERP Implementation’ Category

5 ways to stuff up your ERP

Failed ERP projects litter business history books the world over. Here Sourya Biswas captures some of the lessons that time has taught those who have succeeded in getting their companies into the annals of IT infamy… You’ve made the decision to implement an ERP system in your organization and

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What is ERP and is it for me?

The term ERP is frequently bandied about in business circles, often with knowing nods and a rolling of the eyes, but just what does the acronym stand for, what does it describe, and for what type of business is it appropriate?…Sourya Biswas explores… He who fails to

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ERP on the cloud: What to ask prospective providers

The most common concerns about cloud computing resilience can be overcome by researching cloud providers before signing up. We asked the interviewees what customers should ask providers to ensure resiliency. This is a shortlist of their responses, using Eval-Source’s ERP Cloud Computing and SaaS Buyer’s Guide as

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Budgeting for Your New ERP or Business System

Thinking about upgrading your ERP system but not sure how to budget for it? Here’s a simple guide to help you develop a realistic budget, including not just the external costs of licensing, maintenance, support and implementation … but also the often neglected internal costs that make up a major part of the overall cost of implementing a new system.

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Integrating POS with ERP changes face of retail

Q1 2012 Feature by Anthony Doesburg: If point-of-sale systems are crucial to keeping shopkeepers’ tills ringing, integration with the back office is the answer to tracking retail’s new currency, information… Retailers’ IT focus is shifting from front-of-house cash-collection to integrated systems with stock management and accounting capabilities,

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