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Ready up for a ‘post-ERP world’

Subscription business heralds a new era, if subscription software vendor is to be believed… While it was essentially throwing the covers off a couple of new products, subscription software company Zuora reckons the implications are much deeper and wider. Indeed, hot on the heels of our feature

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Concur launches ANZ App Centre

Plug in a few of your favourite business services… The app centre is the delivery end of SAP-owned company Concur’s API, which has allowed a number (around 60) of local software providers to develop apps and services which integrate with the Concur mothership to ‘take better control

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ERP systems miss the reconciliation mark

Many large ERP platforms still don’t have fully functioned reconciliation, leaving many businesses, including Qantas in the past, to use spreadsheets to handle the task… Reconciliation isn’t sexy – but it is important as it ensures that the amounts being set aside for specific items are being

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ERP for process manufacturers

Process manufacturers (such as in the pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries) have specific requirements compared to other types of manufacturing companies. This article provides an overview of the business challenges and needs of process manufacturers, explains the implications for their ERP system, and highlights important features to consider in selecting the right ERP.

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