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Budgeting for your new system

We’ve observed over the years at Software Shortlist that many prospective software buyers have a somewhat ‘optimistic’ (some might say ‘unrealistic’) expectation of what a new system will cost. This can lead to significant challenges in the software selection process … and often causes frustration for both vendors and buyers!

To understand the extent and impact of this issue in more detail, we’re conducting a series of online surveys with both software buyers and vendors. Based on the findings, we intend to publish a whitepaper called “Budgeting for a New System” that will help buyers:

  • Discover the evidence about how initial budget expectations compare to actual costs
  • Understand why unrealistic expectations can be a problem for both buyers & vendors
  • Learn best practices for developing a robust budget, including which elements to include
  • Hear valuable insights and lessons learned by both software buyers and vendors
  • Prepare a robust and realistic budget for their new system

All survey participants will be notified when the whitepaper is available. You will be sent a link to download it for free.

Take the software buyer survey now at

Note: if you work for a software vendor, take the vendor survey here

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